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The Cottages at Cultus Lake is a private gated community complete with extensive amenities for use by property owners, their guests and renters using the resort.

The Treehouse
The centerpiece of the resort is the “Treehouse”, a 10,000 sq.ft. clubhouse which is shared by all property owners in the Cultus Cottages resort. There are lots of games to keep the kids entertained, pool table, foosball table, shuffle board, poker tables, ping-pong table, 18 seat movie theatre, kid’s crafts room and LCD TV screen. It should be noted however, that children under the age of 12 are not permitted to use the Treehouse and its facilities unless accompanied by a responsible adult. This is to ensure safety for minors around pools as there is no lifeguard present and also ensure appropriate usage of shared amenities. Click on one of the photos below to view the Treehouse Photo Gallery >>

cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-amenties-1 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-amenties-2 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-amenties-4 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-amenties-5 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-3

Adult Swimming Pool, Kid’s Splash Pool/Mini Waterpark & Spa Hot Tubs
The Treehouse has two large pools and two luxurious spa hot tubs. While the little kids will love playing in the splash pool and mini-waterpark, you will surely enjoy reclining on the lounge chairs catching the summer sun, taking a dip in the adult pool then relaxing in a hot tub surrounded by towering cedars. Click on one of the photos below to view the Pools & Hot Tub Photo Gallery >>

cultus-cottages-treehouse-pools-1 cultus-cottages-treehouse-pools-2 cultus-cottages-treehouse-pools-3 cultus-cottages-treehouse-pools-4 cultus-cottages-treehouse-pools-5

Patios & Outdoor Fire
Great for entertaining family and friends, there is an outdoor gas fire right next to the communal kitchen (complete with fridge/freezer and stove) which together create the perfect patio for lunchtime or evening events, dining or entertaining.

cultus-cottages-treehouse-patio-1 cultus-cottages-treehouse-patio-2 cultus-cottages-treehouse-patio-3 cultus-cottages-treehouse-patio-4 cultus-cottages-treehouse-patio-5

Games Room
Teenagers and adults alike will love the fact the lounge is also a games room including full size Pool Table, Foosball Table, Shuffle Board Table, Ping-Pong (located in the Fitness Room in the basement) & two large Poker/Cards Tournament Tables.

cultus-cottages-treehouse-games-room-1 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-games-room-2 cultus-cottages-treehouse-games-room-3 cultus-cottages-treehouse-games-room-4 cultus-cottages-treehouse-games-room-5

Fitness Room
Keep your exercise regime during your vacation or weekend break, the Treehouse offers a fitness room & gym the door of which can be opened during the summer to provide the comfort of fresh air to your workout. There are exercise bikes, step machines, running machines, dumbells and weight lifting machines. Click on one of the photos below to view the Fitness Center & Gym Photo Gallery >>

cultus-lake-cottages-gym-1 cultus-lake-cottages-gym-2 cultus-lake-cottages-gym-3 cultus-lake-cottages-gym-4 cultus-lake-cottages-gym-5

Movie Theatre (seating up to 18)
In the basement of the Treehouse is a Movie Theatre which can be used to watch DVDs or Shaw Cable (excellent for sporting events). This room has luxurious home theatre chairs comfortably seating up to 18 adults & children, the only thing missing is the popcorn and concessions (so remember to bring your own). Click on one of the photos below to view the Movie Theatre Photo Gallery >>

cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-movie-theatre-1 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-movie-theatre-5 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-movie-theatre-3 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-movie-theatre-9 cultus-lake-cottages-treehouse-movie-theatre-4

Kid’s Play & Crafts Room
In the design of the Treehouse nothing has been overlooked. There is a spacious room for the little kids to do crafts, host birthday parties, read books on the beanbags and generally have fun in a safe and secure area. Click on one of the photos below to view the Kid’s Play & Crafts Room Photo Gallery >>

cultus-lake-cottages-kids-crafts-room-2 cultus-lake-cottages-kids-crafts-room-3 cultus-lake-cottages-kids-crafts-room-1 cultus-lake-cottages-kids-crafts-room-4 cultus-lake-cottages-kids-crafts-room-5

Kid’s Playpark
At the rear of the Treehouse is a timber framed structured play area, complete with climbing frames and slide.

cultus-cottages-kids-playpark-1 cultus-cottages-kids-playpark-2 cultus-cottages-kids-playpark-3 cultus-cottages-kids-playpark-4 cultus-cottages-kids-playpark-5

The Duckpond
There is a natural spring-fed pond in the resort which is a great quiet place to sit and picnic. Of course, the kids will also love feeding the resident ducks.

cultus-cottages-pond-1 cultus-cottages-pond-2 cultus-cottages-pond-3 cultus-cottages-pond-4 cultus-cottages-pond-5

Picnic Tables
Throughout this private gated community there are numerous Picnic Tables strategically situated for all residents to use and enjoy.

cultus-lake-cottages-picnic-tables-1 cultus-lake-cottages-picnic-tables-2 cultus-lake-cottages-picnic-tables-3 cultus-lake-cottages-picnic-tables-4 cultus-lake-cottages-picnic-tables-5

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