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Posted on January 17, 2009

The new Cultus Lake Park Board (CLPB) has made its first decision that some will likely see as a new and positive direction.

At the Jan. 14 in-camera meeting the board decided not to proceed with an action to recover legal costs from the Save the Green Space Committee (SGSC), a move decided upon by the previous board.

In June of last year, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled against the SGSC and its petition against the CLPB’s decision to allow the Cultus Lake Waterpark expand into what was public greenspace. The burden of the cost, which could have been as much as $12,000 would have fallen to SGSC members George Coton, Joanne Nokleby and Penny Harris.

In November the previous board requested staff send a letter to all leaseholders asking if the board should proceed with the court action to recover costs.

In the fall municipal election four new park board members were elected. After an analysis of the results on Wednesday, the new board decided not to proceed.

“The Cultus Lake Park Board has made a decision to put this issue behind them,” said vice-chair Sacha Peter in a press release. “Looking forward, the board will focus on providing greater transparency of its proceedings to the public, and will continue to consult the public prior to making significant decisions, as sending this letter demonstrated. This board decision reflected the public will.”

Nokleby told the Chilliwack Times Thursday that her first reaction was that she was glad it was over.

“I feel that the residents of Cultus Lake responses were in support of the Save the Green Space,” she said. “The new Park Board is wanting more public input and transparency and by giving closure to this we can now move on to a more positive relationship between the Board and the leaseholders.”

In the B.C. Supreme Court decision, Justice Madam Heather Holmes agreed with most of the SGSC’s points, but argued in favour of the board and the waterpark expansion, mainly because the decision had already been made and the process was too far along.

Coulson resigns as administrator. Also at the Jan. 14 meeting park board administrator Scott Coulson formally submitted his resignation to the board. Park board chair Brian Nokleby said Coulson was moving on to another job opportunity “more in keeping with his interests and training.” He also said he was disappointed because he had enjoyed working with Coulson in his brief time on the board.

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