Cultus crew did outstanding job

Posted on January 20, 2009

On behalf of Cultus Lake residents and leaseholders, the Cultus Lake Community Association Executive extend their sincere thanks to the Cultus Lake Park Board maintenance staff for the superb job they did to protect Lakeshore Drive and Munro Drive residents from flooding in January.

The staff worked round the clock for about 48 hours and took out more than 70 truck loads of gravel from the Munro Drive waterfall. The gravel filled half of the Lakeshore Drive Main Beach parking lot. Some staff worked long hours with little sleep. And when the creek finally overflowed, staff knocked on doors early in the morning regarding evacuation and then managed to divert the flooding water away from the houses.

We so appreciate the staff vigilance in the first place to check the waterfall when the heavy rains and snow melt began as well as the continuing clean up afterwards. You are real community heroes. Thank you.

To read the full article, see Chilliwack Times

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