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The Dilemma MTB Trail (Cultus Lake)
Take the turn-off to Cultus Lake onto Columbia Valley Highway from Vedder Mountain Road. Drive about 1/2 mile to Parmenter Road (gravel) which turns to the left prior to getting into Cultus Lake village. Park at the first branch in the road. Ride up the right branch (Upper Parmenter Road) which is a fire road. The road branches again about 5 minutes up… take the left (steep) this time. After about 10 minutes of steep fire road grunting you will see single track diving off the left side of the road… you’re there.

The single track has a little of everything…..steeps that will make you want to cry, nasty steps over big logs, steep scary switchbacks, cool wooden bridges, lots of slippery roots and other cool eco-nasties. The trail ends on lower parmenter road behind a big yellow gate on the now un-used military road. A 1 minute jaunt will take you back to your car. Total round trip time is about 30 minutes… you can do it again and again to see how much skin you will surrender to the wilderness, see trail videos below …

Heckert’s Ride MTB Trail (Chilliwack)
Go down Yale Road East, past Little Mountain Elementary, down Quarry Road , all the way to the end and you will see the trail entrance. 10 miles in length, this is a very technical ride not for the faint of heart. There are more challenging trails in the area, but if you have the skills, you will enjoy that this one is actually very rideable.

Chilliwack Bike Skills Park
If you fancy briushing up on those jump skills, try out the skills park just down the road in Chilliwack.

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