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1. International Ridge & Mt. Amadis

Level: Very Difficult Hike | Return Distance: 16km | Time: 8hrs | Elevation Gain: 1445m | Highest Point: 1506m | Trailhead: gridref 760 346

Just south of Cultus Lake Provincial Park lies the lesser known International Ridge Provincial Park. Splendid views of the Cultus Lake area reward you for the grueling hike up the steep ridge trail. Pay close attention to markers along the way to ensure success. Some dicey slide areas near the top. Take care!

Directions: Follow the signs to Cultus Lake and continue 1km past Sunyside campground, and just before the marina on the right, watch for the Edmeston Rd., the gravel road to your left. Park at the pullout on the main road, cross to Edmeston. Your hike starts here. Walk on the gravel, turning right at the second gate (good bridge and ‘Park Boundary’ sign), stay on this old road for 3km, ignoring the Horse trail sign to your right, keep left, continue on the long, mellow switchbacks up to the next fork. Left again (a ‘Park Boundary’ sign behind you), cross a shale slide and just beyond it keep a sharp eye to your right for a mass of multi-hued ribbon markers and the steep trail starts from there. You’ll soon be climbing the ridge itself. Two good viewpoints further along make a good destination if you want to avoid the more difficult section near the top of the ridge, descending, and reascending to its summit.

2. Pierce Lake & Mt. MacFarlane

Level: Very Difficult Hike
(Pierce Lake) Return Distance: 16km | Time: 7hrs | Elevation Gain: 1040m | Highest Point: 1375m
(Mt. MacFarlane) Return Distance: 21km | Time: 10hrs | Elevation Gain: 1760m | Highest Point: 2100m

If you like your hikes long and steep, then this is it! Glorious forests lead to Pierce Lake and the meadows beyond, and the beautiful apline lake before the summit of Mt. MacFarlane makes it all worthwhile. Caution: This is a long haul, with difficult sections both ways. A good overnighter.

Directions: See Chilliwack Rivery Valley directions. At 22km (past Fish Hatchery), Pierce Trail marker is on the right. A short stretch of gravel leads to the parking area. Watch for orange squares on the trees marking the trail. Beyond Pierce Lake is an open area. Stay left of creek and. heading uphill again, watch for “Inukshuks” (man-made stone stacks) marking your way to the unnamed lake and Mt. MacFarlane above.

3. Williams Ridge

Level: Very Difficult Hike | Return Distance: 11km | Time: 8hrs | Elevation Gain: 1435m | Highest Point: 1880m

Chilliwack’s answer to the Grouse Grind! The trail rises sharply from the valley floor to gain 1000m in 1.7km.

Directions: From Highway 1 exit 119A (Sardis-Vedder) and follow signs for Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park and set your odometer at “0” at the Vedder Bridge. At 32km watch for a trailhead signpost on the left side of the road. Park and walk 100m into bush on an old road, keeping a sharp eye out for the directional marker guiding you left. A bit more of flat going until the base of the mountain and the vertical begins. Orange squares mark the route. Upon reaching the ridge (lots of orange markers on tree) you can choose to go right and onto the open meadows and Williams Peak (4km one way), or go left for 5km following the ridge trail to Ford Mtn. If you do choose the easier descent via Ford Mtn. be aware that your vehicle awaits you 3.4km to your left when you reach the valley floor.

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