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Vedder Mt. Ridge Trail

Level: Moderate Hike | Return Distance: 11.5km | Time: 5hrs | Elevation Gain: 575m | Highest Point: 945m

A pleasant trail that undulates rather than rises steply to the peak. Forested with several viewpoints to the north and south along the way, with one section of rock scrambling near the top. The views all roudn are well worth your effort.

Directions: Just past the “Welcome to Cultus” sign on the left, pass it and turn right onto Parmenter Road (gravel) at the next corner. After 600m turn right, another 600m turn left (Vedder Mountain Service Road) continue uphill for 3km. Watch for trailhead signpost on the right. Park beside road. Do not be discouraged by the horrible old road you walk up to start with. After 1km take the first left (watch for signpost) and follow a smooth road to a clearing. User box and trail is to your right.

Slesse Memorial Trail

Level: Moderate Hike | Return Distance: 8km | Time: 3hrs | Elevation Gain: 460m | Highest Point: 1100m

In November of 1956 a TCA flight from Vancouver to Calgary crashed into Mt. Slesse killing all 62 aboard. In 1995 a plaque was erected to honour those who lost their lives, and the area was declared a Commemorative site. The route is mainly out in the open when you’re following the old road and takes you not only to the plaque but to a breathtaking vista of Mt. Slesse and its neighbours. Note: The trail does continue along the road to its end, where a rough trail leads you up a ridge to the base of Slesse’s rock slopes (another 3 hrs. return).

Directions: From Highway 1 Exit 119A (Sardis-Vedder) travel south 5.4 km on Vedder Road to the Vedder Bridge. Do not cross. Turn left on Chilliwack Lake Rd. and set your odometer to “0”. At 31 km you will see the second entrance to the Riverside Recreation Site. Turn right, and reset odometer to “0” again. A bridge immediately crosses the Chilliwack River and you are on the Chilliwack South Forest Service Road. 400m further turn right again and follow this road (Nesakwatch Creek on your right) for 5.6km. Look to the right for a signpost and clearing. Park roadside. Now its time to dust off your trail-finding faculties since recent logging and weather have combined to eliminate the old bridge and trailhead and a great group have rerouted the lower part of the trail to access the rest. So…do not turn right at the signpost but continue up the road for 1200m, keeping sharp eyes out for flagging on the right. Shout ‘Hallelujah’ when you find this brand new trail which takes advantage of a fallen log to get you across the creek and leads you upward through the fine forest until you meet the old road. Turn left on it and continue to your destination filing a mental note of where you have to leave the road on the way back. Maintained by the Valley Outdoor Association.

Lindeman Lake & Greendrop Lake

(Lindeman Lake) Level: Moderate Hike | Return Distance: 3.4km | Time: 3hrs | Elevation Gain: 215m | Highest Point: 825m
(Greendrop Lake) Level: Moderate Hike | Return Distance: 10.4km | Time: 6hrs | Elevation Gain: 365m | Highest Point: 1010m

The crown jewel of Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, Lindeman is #1 with kids and adults alike! Greendrop is almost as precious but not quite as pretty.

Directions: From Highway 1 Exit 119A (Sardis-Vedder) travel south 5.4 km on Vedder Road to the Vedder Bridge. Do not cross. Turn left on Chilliwack Lake Rd. and set your odometer to “0”. 40 km from bridge watch for a signpost on the right and yellow gate on the left. Park roadside and walk in 200m to the trail on the right, following the creek. Orange squares mark the route. After reaching Lindeman the trail follows its shore to the far end, crossing some talus (big rock) slopes along the way. The trail crosses Post Creek to its right side, continues up the valley crossing many more talus slopes, re-crosses to the left side of the creek, and the next right fork takes you to the near end of Greendrop Lake. Note: If you choose the left fork, it follows the old Centennial Trail to the far end of the lake and Greendrop Bluffs, with a fine view and picnic spot. (add 2 hrs. return if you go to the Bluffs).

Mt. Cheam

Level: Moderate Hike | Return Distance: 9.5km | Time: 4hrs | Elevation Gain: 665m | Highest Point: 2112m

A peak experience—on top of the world! The dominant peak at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley is now accessible from its back side. Out in the open the whole time, the trail zig-zags its way up and through lush meadows to the gravelly terrain near the top. Unsurpassed views all round. Caution: There are sheer drops near the top. Take care up there!

Directions: From Highway 1 Exit 119A (Sardis-Vedder) travel south 5.4 km on Vedder Road to the Vedder Bridge. Do not cross. Turn left on Chilliwack Lake Rd. and set your odometer to “0”. At 28 km turn left on Foley Forest Service Rd.“0” odometer again and drive 2km, cross bridge over Foley Creek, turn left at T-junction. 2 km further cross Chipmunk Creek Bridge, take next right uphill (passing gravel pit on your left) on Chipmunk Creek Forest Service Rd. This is a rough road with many cross ditches, but not too steep for the first 7 km. Keep right after crossing Chipmunk Creek. The road is rougher and steeper (4×4 recommended) for the final 4 km to the parking area. Orange squares mark the route.

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