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Teapot Hill Trail Teapot Hill Map

Level: Easy Hike | Return Distance: 6km | Time: 2hrs | Elevation Gain: 280m | Highest Point: 360m

Located near the Honeymoon Bay group site, there are some steep sections, this trail is a 6km round trip (2 hours) viewing Cultus Lake and Columbia Valley.

Teapot Hill Trailhead Teapot Hill Hiking Trail 1 Teapot Hill Hiking Trail 2 Teapot Hill Hiking Trail 4 Teapot Hill Hiking Trail South

The Teapot Hill trail is one of the most popular trails located next to Cultus Lake (short walk from the resort) and offers a short hike uphill with a view of the lake. Park in the Teapot Hill parking lot and start the hike, heading uphill. After 100m, there is an outhouse and park map on your left. Continue heading up the service road, passing by a stream and groves of mixed deciduous and coniferous trees. After about 20-30 minutes, a sign will be posted that points to Teapot Hill off to the right. Continue along this path passing a sign that describes the area flowers that include Stinging Nettle, Western Columbine, Tiger Lily, and Trillium.

A steep hill is an indicator that you are almost there. After ascending the hill, the trail levels out and you come to the first view of Cultus Lake. Stop to take it in briefly before continuing along the trail for another 100m to the second viewpoint that overlooks the lake and Columbia Valley towards the USA. Stop to have a break here or make your way back to the previous viewpoint before descending back down the hill towards the parking lot.

Dogs must be kept on-leash at all times on Teapot Hill and are not permitted in non-designated beach areas around Cultus Lake. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of all waste in designated garbage bins around the park.

Mt. Thom Trail

Level: Easy Hike | Return Distance: 2.5km | Time: 1.5hrs | Elevation Gain: 100m | Highest Point: 484m

Close access to a superb view of the Promontory Hillside and the whole Chilliwack area.

Directions: Highway 1 exit 123 (Prest Rd.) South 4km to Bailey Rd, turn left. 1km to Elk View Rd. which winds uphill and branches off when it meets Extrom Rd. Continue straight on Extrom to the next right, Forester Rd., and take the following right, Churchill Parkway, to the parking area. The driving route is marked but trails are not. Hike uphill for 1km to the viewpoint. then take the trail to the right to compete a circular route back to your vehicle. If tempted by the unmarked trail to the left on your descent, be aware that it takes you 4km to Promontory and not to your ride home.

Alternate: Highway 1 Exit 109 (Yale Rd. West) east 2.5km to Sumas Prarie Rd. Turn right and drive 4km.

Teskey Trail

Level: Easy Hike | Return Distance: 2km | Time: 1hrs | Elevation Gain: 200m | Highest Point: 200m

Short, sweet trail lets you climb to the newly created Promontory Park West from Chilliwack Lake Rd. Some steep sections. Trail is unmarked, so keep to the left to avoid the houses and attain the view.

Directions: Highway 1 Exit 119A (Sardis-Vedder). South on Vedder Rd. until you reach the Vedder Bridge. Turn left onto Chilliwack Lake Rd. and travel 600m to a wide pull-out on the left with the trail visible above it.

Seven Sisters Trail

Level: Easy Hike | Return Distance: 4km | Time: 1.5hrs | Elevation Gain: 120m | Highest Point: 120m

Seven giant Douglas fir, some standing, some fallen await you on this trail. Steps allow a close-up view when you near the trees.

seven-sisters-1 seven-sisters-4 seven-sisters-2 seven-sisters-3 seven-sisters-5

Directions: Park at the Spring Bay picnic ground. Crossing the road go uphill to your right, turn left into the Clear Creek campground and left at the sign for the trail. 25m further turn left again and hike up to the giant trees. From there you can turn around or continue to Entrance Bay Campground and return to your car via the main road.

Hicks Lake Loop

Level: Easy Hike | Return Distance: 6km | Time: 3hrs | Elevation Gain: None

This fabulous trail offers easy access to a fine, sandy beach at the far end of Hicks Lake. Continuing the loop around on the old road is not as pretty nor as close to the lake so you may choose to return via the same trail. Either way will get you back to your vehicle. There is also a flat Beaver Pond Trail (1 km loop) on your left as you enter the parking area.

Directions: Highway1 Exit 135 (Agassiz-Harrison). Follow the signs to Harrison Hot Springs. Turn right on Lillooet Ave. (just before the lake) and follow the signs to Sasquatch Provincial Park and Hicks Lake. Park at the Hicks Lake day use area. Start the lake loop by going to your right, through the picnic area to the Beach Trail, which follows the shore through the campground and takes you to the second picnic site. Carry on via this fine trail to the far end of the lake. The pit toilet marks the left turn down to the beach. Note: Parking fees in effect.

Salmon Ridge Trail

Level: Easy Hike | Return Distance: 2km | Time: 2hrs | Elevation: 200m | Highest Point: 200m

This short woodsy trail leads you from Chilliwack Lake Road to the subdivisions of Promontory, making it a fine leg and lung trainer for more arduous hikes in future. Turn left before the houses to attain a view. Note: At present this is not a trail with any great destination. It is part of a long-term trail network project by Chilliwack’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Directions: Highway1 Exit 119A (Sardis-Vedder). South on Vedder Rd. until you reach the Vedder Bridge. Turn left onto Chilliwack Lake Rd. and travel 600 m to a wide pull-out on the left with the trail visible above it.

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